Welcome to Patriot Store Up Now!

Welcome to Patriot Store Up Now. 

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FrogLube is our premier product.


We also recommend and offer emergency long term food storage products and emergency disaster preparedness products.  We believe that is is wise to be prepared for any disaster to protect yourself and your family.




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FrogLube is a new bio-based cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product.
Made for weapons, and more... use in and around the water.



FrogLube - The New "GREEN" Firearm Cleaning - Lubricating-Rust Prevention Product
Gun owners, military operators & competitive shooters demand a high degree of perfection when it comes to performance.

Testimonials of the Month
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"I just tried your product on my PT745, Hi point c9 and both my Mosin Nagants.
Tell me ...where has this stuff been all my gun bareing years.. it is freaking awesome. I makes the bolts on my Mosins float. I can rack my 45 and 9mm with ease. Not to mention the fact that they are super clean now. Thank you for a great product."



Biodegradable Non-Hazardous Non-Toxic NonflammableProudly made in the U.S.A.
AUDEMOUS INC PO BOX 60581 SAN DIEGO CA 92107 1-855-FROGLUBE mail@froglube.com 


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